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Travel Reviews

  • We have no words to describe how wonderful our trip was. It has been one of our most memorable trip, nothing was left out. Vijay, Our driver & guide was superb, personable, attentive and accommodating to every detail for our total comfort. Best of all he was informative.

    Arpit jain
  • Fantastic, the hotels, tour guide & car, Letzgo made it simple and offered everything which was required for a perfect family trip.

    Geeta Dhania & Sandeep Dhania
  • LETZGO is a Travel Company that i recommend. It was not very expensive and we got our money’s worth out of the trip.

    Rahul Gupta
  • Call them at 6 in the morning, they are there for you, I love the service

    Shailesh Temurnikar
  • Great tour from beginning to end, everything went according to plan.

    Manoj Bhogal
  • Excellent Service, with great customised itinerary designing, wherever you go JUSTGOWITHLETZGO

    Pooja Sondhi